Since the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015 this has led to people having far greater access to their pension funds, providing flexibility and control over how and when they use their pension savings.

This extra freedom does also mean there is more responsibility on the individual to take greater care over the investment decisions they take and to work out how much to withdraw to ensure the funds don't run out in  retirement.

At TKV Financial Management we use specialist software to work all of this out for you.  We are experts at advising people on taking lump sums and / or a regular income from their pension funds to repay mortgage debt early, help children through university and to support themselves in retirement.

As local experienced independent financial advisers in Dudley you can rely on us to take the time to help you establish and identity your short, medium and long term goals.

Whatever your needs, our highly experienced financial advisers in Kingswinford are experts at building you a robust financial plan and providing pension advice matched to your exacting requirements.

Don't fall foul of paying unnecessary tax when taking money out of your pension.

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