Estate Planning in Dudley

Did you know, without Estate Planning your assets are at risk from……

Marriage after divorce

your assets may not be protected against your own possible divorce or your child’s.

Marriage after death

if your spouse remarries your children may not get all of their intended inheritance.

Family homes could be sold

to cover the costs of long term care.

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

could be charged at 40% of your Estate.


could swallow up your child’s inheritance if they or their future partners are in financial difficulty.

Laws of Intestacy

would decide who inherits your Estate, if you do not have a Will

Unmarried partners

may not receive anything if you do not make a Will

An ex-partner

could claim on your Estate if you do not have a Will

Your children may be taken into care

whilst the Courts choose who looks after them if you have not made a Will

Letters of Administration

would have to be applied for by your family through the Courts to give them permission to administer your Estate.

Concerned about what you intend leaving to your children and grandchildren being eaten up by care costs, divorce settlements, threats from creditors, or taxes?

Why allow your home and hard-earned assets to be lost, when some simple planning will ensure that they are fully protected so that your loved ones receive their rightful inheritance.

None of us know what the future holds but planning for the certainty of death, is a choice that is in your control.

TKV Financial Management are well placed to provide solutions to your concerns.

Our Estate Planning services are provided in partnership with The Right Will & Estate Planning Ltd.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Estate Planning, Tax Advice and Wills.

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